The Jealous Curator is 4

by admin on March 5, 2013

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Excerpt from The Jealous Curator. Congrats on four years! Read the entire post here.

February 22, 2009 was my very first post on The Jealous Curator. That. Is. Crazy. Over 1100 posts later, and I’m still jealous… but not in the same way that I was four years ago <insert tangent> I get a lot of flack for calling my site “The Jealous Curator”, but the truth is, when I started this whole thing, that’s exactly what I was. I was sad, and angry, and defeated, and yes, really jealous… but I so badly wanted to start making art again. I knew that, somehow, I had to push myself through all of the junk that was holding me back. Through writing this blog, I have learned so much – not only about contemporary art, but also about myself. I now know that there is room for everyone that wants to create. I also know that there will be creative blocks, and countless hours of self-doubt, but that’s ok. Everyone goes through that. It’s how you know you’re part of the club! Granted, I’ve also learned that every block can be cut through… although, yes, sometimes you have to use a chainsaw.

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